hall hire

Our Hall is spacious. Different rates apply according to the type of activity and which hall or room is hired.

To Book Hall

Please contact the Church Administrator: 

Call or text on 07483899635 for more details

Want to Book Our Hall?

The following things should be taken note of in order to hire our halls. Please read through carefully


Events involving loud noise are not permitted (since we have neighbours close by)

Safety Policies

The Halls have a strict Health & Safety and Child Protection Policies which must be followed by hirers.

DBS Checking

We recommend that event handlers are DBS checked where activities/events involves children or vulnerable adults


Hall hirers are responsible for managing their events/ activities in a way that ensures that users and the building are kept safe. We recommend all hirers have their own insurance

Church Activities

The Halls forms part of the church buildings. Therefore, hall hirers are advised to be sensitive to ongoing church activities at the time of their booking.

Parking Controls

The parking spaces within the church are available for free use. Parking restrictions may apply to some on-street parking at certain times of the day. Hirers are to ensure that cars are parked appropriately

Hiring Limitations

  • No Bank Holiday or Sunday hire
  • No other religious, spiritual, or philosophical belief group hire (including yoga , humanist sessions)
  • No smoking is allowed anywhere in the halls.